Fitness Programs

SWAP Obstacle Course Play

SWAP obstacle course play incorporates large and small group activity through obstacle course events to develop coordination, mental focus and the ability to safely move through various environments. Inspired by the TV series American Ninja Warrior, SWAP Obstacle Course Play builds important gross motor skills; develop muscles, motor planning, and increase endurance and confidence. SWAP Obstacle Course Play creates an environment that is supportive, fun, energetic and committed to achieving optimal health!

SWAP Yoga Fitness

SWAP Yoga Fitness brings simple yoga movements, breathing and relaxation techniques that combine playfulness with mindfulness. Learn about body awareness by moving freely with greater ease and appreciation. SWAP Yoga Fitness brings peacefulness and energy by learning how to breathe deeply and fully. Learn how to be still, make good decisions, and listen with attention. SWAP Yoga Fitness allows students to discover great ways to move their bodies and feel healthy!

Swap Fit Quick Breaks

SWAP Fit Quick Breaks encourage structured physical activity to energize the classroom for 10-minute periods throughout the day. SWAP coaches train teachers and staff to lead activity bursts which include a warm up, strength, aerobic, and a cool down. These fit breaks are opportunities to activate the brain, increase academic achievement, improve academic behaviors, and enhance cognitive skills. SWAP Fit Quick Breaks help students to reach the CDC recommended 60 minutes of activity each day.